This was certainly an adventure of a lifetime. I raised $1000 for Cancer. I trained for 3 1/2 weeks. I made it 36 miles and then CRASH. It could have been devastating. Life could have changed in a split second. I got back up. Have some really cool battle wounds. Met 3 prospects. All in all - it was a great birthday.

Just a quick one before I'm off to the Connecticut Challenge to compete in a century ride, with hopes of raising money for cancer survivors. I thought this picture was appropriate! Have a fantastic weekend folks! Amazing things are happening here!

Network marketing is a great business. Network marketing offers a great lifestyle. We are buying a house, moving to Connecticut, having a baby, and still having an amazing summer. Network marketing is about lifestyle. So far we have been to Cape Cod, Marblehead, Mass, Maine, Vermont, and today we are off to Mohonk Mountain. I meet people when I am out and about. I don't go out to prospect. I prospect when I am out. Give me a call. It'll take one conversation - 15 minutes. If it's a fit, we can open up a door to extraordinary things together. If not, I will wish you well. 917-226-6901. Let's see if I can help you hit your financial goals.

What to name this blog? I got on the bike and headed north on the Hudson river. Hung with some friends along the way, took some calls. Got back on the bike and rode to the little red lighthouse under the GWB. I love lighthouses. Finished the day with 10 miles. Came back for a meeting with one of my top leaders.

One week of training for the CT Challenge - 84 miles in total. Long way to go but picking up my Cannondale will help. Been using a borrowed bike so far.