It seems that Isagenix International's advancements in anti aging systems seem like something from the realm of Science Fiction. At the same time, all things that have been hitting the high-tech world we live in seemed like sci-fi just a few years earlier. We are aging fast! That is the exact subject that we are addressing here – anti aging systems formulated through the study and application of the telomere and telomerase.

In Part 1 of our series on Salesperson Types for Network Marketing we discovered that there are seven salesperson types that take part in the complex sales process happening between large companies. As the size of the business gets smaller, the sales process gets less and less complicated, which is a wonderful thing when it comes to the business of Network Marketing. This is because, by the very definition of Network Marketing, when we are actively involved in this business we are simply referring people on a one-on-one basis to take a look at our product or service. What can be more simple than that? Working one-on-one with our local and extended network of contacts. Given the simplicity, why is it not easy?

In “Hope Is Not A Strategy”, by Rick Page, he discusses the different salesperson types that are required in today’s business world to handle a complex sale. It used to be pretty simple - a salesperson meets with a potential buyer and they would discuss the product or service, the delivery time and the price. If everything looked right, then an order was placed and all was great. However, in today’s world where you can pretty much find anything on the Internet at a great price, there is a lot of competition for the business. In the corporate culture there is a lot of politics that tend to get in the way of efficiency. Many times there is a good intention to buy a product or service that could increase the efficiency of the business and potentially boost profits while reducing expenses. In today’s complex sale, with the process of purchasing spread out over the different levels of the business, the seller now needs different salesperson types to address the sale at both low and high levels within the buying organization. Network marketing, while more simple than the complex sale, still has a bit of a twist to it!

Have you considered your strategic Internet marketing plan as you build a business for yourself? You have been using tried and true marketing techniques of advertising, referrals, slide presentations at the local Chamber of Commerce, and you have achieved a modicum of success. You know that you are tapping out your local market – the face-to-face market – and you know that a lot of businesses have found national and international success using some form of strategic internet marketing. So now it is time to dive in and understand what that really means.

It seems that every time that I do some research in the health and wellness industry news, I see or hear something about CoQ10 benefits and how it should be included as part of a healthy diet. In fact, CoQ10 is the third most sold dietary ingredient in the United States, after omega-3 and multivitamins. Though I only started to hear about it five or six years ago, research on CoQ10 benefits has been going on for over 60 years, when it was first discovered. Today, more than ever, it is one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness sector. Why? It is an essential ingredient to our health because it has a long - and growing - list of benefits to the human body.

I found a statistic recently that states that 80% of people dislike their current job. This is an astounding statistic! With this in mind, I understand why more and more people are searching for financial freedom with a business to achieve success from home. For many, this is an ideal solution, but it is not for everyone. Here is what it takes.

I have been studying chocolate nutrition lately to uncover whether chocolate could actually be good for me. We all know that an average chocolate bar contains sugar and fat. Yet, at the same time, we hear that there are health properties in chocolate that are considered beneficial. So what is it about chocolate nutrition?

There has been a lot of chatter about internal human body cleansing, including the nutritional cleanse, popping up around the Internet these days. It is probably because more and more people are waking up to the fact that the foods that we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the products that we use in our daily lives are all filled with man-made toxic substances. We take the time to clean ourselves on the outside, but what about the inside? This is a very good question! Let's examine...