We've talked about networking on Twitter numerous times on this blog, offering specific Twitter Marketing Strategies as well. Unfortunately, some people get hung up just out of the gate, so to speak, and never even give the more advanced business building strategies a try. Well, this blog post is for YOU!

Here are some Twitter marketing strategies taken from some recent training. It's organized in a learn/apply format - learn the point in the "learn" column and an example of applying what you have learned is in the "apply" column. I bet you'll find this quite valuable. In fact, if you're not marketing your business on Twitter yet, take advantage of these Twitter marketing strategies and get started today!

There are so many different time management techniques available today, how do entrepreneurs know which which ones to study? With the advent of the telephone, fax machine, cell phone, smart phone, printing press, Facebook, U.S. Postal Service (do people still use "snail" mail as a way of communicating?), email, Twitter and all the so-called time-saving gadgets of today's entrepreneur-on-the-go, isn't it ironic that we are all still so busy? But busy will steal your life unless you take control. Using these specific time management techniques will help you to control your schedule rather then have your schedule control you.

When creating your own social marketing strategies, whether you are looking for some new fun online or looking to build business awareness, there are specific things to do and things to specifically avoid. Perhaps these are obvious; perhaps not. Everyone is different and we all have our own agenda. Mike O'Neal and I discuss the top two things you MUST keep in mind when compiling your social marketing strategies in this video.

We've all experienced a point in life where we just tried too hard and the results were lousy. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes, sometimes we don't. Here's a video where I hope to inspire you to put forth that perfect amount of effort in your business to become successful. Check it out!

I met and briefly interviewed a great SEO guru the other day at a local event, Bruce Feldman. He offers a quick SEO tip and some elaboration that, whether you don't even know what SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) or you're not all that sure what SEO entails, you'll definitely want to watch this!!!

I recently returned from a weekend wealth retreat seminar in Boston called Maximizing Success. It was an amazing event! You all go to events, right? Well, this one was exceptional! Millionaire secrets galore! I have to be honest, I'm starting to seek out millionaire secrets from every corner, conversation, and event. It's a quest unto itself! And, of course, I'll pass everyone on to YOU!

We all know that the best sales folks - the ones that close the deal time and time again - are known for asking questions they already know the answer to. This is one of the pure gold, millionaire secrets to MLM home business; geez, it's gold in any business. If you're not familiar with this concept, you can start familiarizing yourself by watching this video!

These three simple words are core to success in any MLM home business. Working at home can be a challenge - the kids are running around, the dog needs to go out, and the cat needs to be fed. Yeah, there's a whole lot more too. Sure, you're being pulled every which way. But you have to be responsible for your business or you'll never make it. It seems trite but these three simple words sum it up. Enjoy the video!

In the spirit of the 2010 Olympics, here is an Olympic-sized MLM Training tip. Check out this video. You might even want to watch this a few times to truly grasp the essence of the message. Think about what you are doing today - right now - to prepare for the future, much like an athlete might prepare for the Olympics.