MJ Durkin is one of the most respected coaches on sales techniques in the United States, having many specialties, including how to ask for referrals. He spends most of his time these days traveling to corporate sales events, which include many network marketing companies, training their sales forces on the finer points of finding and closing deals. We all know how effective marketing is for any product or service. Getting the product and company names to become household words are extremely important for repeat business. Just look at all of the McDonald’s and Budweiser ads that you see every single day, and they are probably the best known fast food and alcohol suppliers in the country, if not the world. Yet, for both of them the day-to-day marketing is what keeps them on top of the industry. However, most small entrepreneurs are not in the position to do that kind of ad campaign. The cost is astronomical, although for them, so is the return. This is where MJ Durkin’s tips on how to ask for referrals become extremely valuable.