The 3-Part System to Create Duplication in Network Marketing

duplication in network marketingAre you struggling with creating Network Marketing duplication. If you are brand new, you probably have been told that this profession can give you money and time freedom. It’s true. If you learn to keep things simple, so that others can do what you do. If you have been in Network Marketing for a while, you might know by now that no matter what company you are in, the key to the kingdom comes when you create duplication in Network Marketing.
There is a myth however. Not everything is duplicatable. (Is that a word?!) Most people will do less than what you do. If you get good at sponsoring, will your teammates be good at sponsoring? Depending on how good your systems are.
I just got off the phone with one of my team mates. Let’s call her “Tammy”. The call lasted less then 15 minutes and I taught her the 3 step system to create duplication in Network Marketing. She was blown away. She said she wished she knew this stuff a month ago. Lol. There are people who have been in 10 years and have not learned that creating duplication in Network Marketing is the holy grail, the bees knees, the whole enchilada. You see this is not a solo sport like tennis, it’s a team sport like baseball.

The 3 Part System for Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

  1. Ask for Permission Whether you are dealing with a prospect, a new customer or a current team mate, it’s always the same. Always. If they ask a question, or you are guiding them to their next step, ask permission to make a recommendation. Ask permission to coach them. Ask permission to tell them the truth so that they can better get the results they seek. Once you have permission, you can properly move them in the best direction.
  2. Use a Tool In this particular case, my associate, “Tammy”, didn’t understand the compensation plan. Didn’t understand that our company pays out $10,000 in bonuses in the first 6 months for people who build deliberately. And since she didn’t understand it, she certainly couldn’t explain it. So instead of leading with the business opportunity, she has been leading with product. Now mind you, we have a GREAT product which helps millions of people in multiple countries. But our BEST product is our compensation plan. Since we are giving out $10,000 of bonuses in the first 6 months, we are attracting talented, professional people (just like you) to our team. So, I taught her the second step in creating MLM duplication. I used a tool. I referred her to the compensation plan video.
  3. By When? When you use these 2 words effectively, you will find creating duplication in network marketing to be much simpler. She said by noon today. Sweet sauce.

I wrote in my book that Network Marketing can be a very expensive hobby or a very lucrative business. When you learn, implement and teach this 3-step system for creating duplication in network marketing, you will re-fall in love with our great profession.

Do you have any tips for creating duplication in Network Marketing? Please share!

To your health, wealth and time freedom
PS – I mentioned in part 2 that we have $10,000 of front end money in the first 6 months for folks who build deliberately. If you want to know exactly how we do that just email me with “I want to make 10 grand” in the subject line.




  • Ron Deering April 19, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Awesome 3 tips Drew… I’m going to use these on my next prospect and the team…. This should be a must read for your team…. great job

  • Don Shan April 20, 2015 at 11:20 am

    Love point #2- a tool is a great way to create duplication- always be pointing to a third party tool.

  • Ron McLean April 20, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    right Drew, and “by when” is a great question!

  • Dave April 27, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    People forget about the power of the system. Create/use systems, perfect them, repeat!