The Answer is in the 4th Question

In fact, your wealth, your success, your happiness, and your business all come down to the 4th question.  I have been teaching the 4 questions for several years now.  People show up at my trainings and have all 4 questions written out.  I have seen people double their income.  Miracles happen when you ask – and then answer – these 4 questions.  When they were asked of me, my life changed forever.  You have watched the Secret right?  If not you deserve to.  Go to .  You have begun to understand the Law of Attraction.  You are working, studying, learning, and implementing.  What’s missing?  The answer to the 4th question.  One of my teachers and mentors, T. Harv Eker from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has taught me “Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World” and “If you are not happy with the fruits, then look at the roots”.  All the answers come from within.  You already have everything you need, and all you want is coming.  You may just have to do something different, or change, or improve something to attract all that you want.  What is it?  That is the essence of the 4th question.
Are you ready to hear the 4 questions?  Seriously, are you ready?  Take a clean piece of paper – one that you won’t lose.  Perhaps you will write this in your day planner, your diary, or your success journal.  You might want to have 2 different color pens.  I recommend writing the questions with one color, and leave yourself enough space between each to answer in the other color.  This can be transformational, it was for me.  Ready?
Question #1: Who are my ideal associates?  Fill in the line with what it is you are looking for – ie. associates, business partners, clients, employees, etc.  Now you have identified who (or what) you are looking for.
Question #2:  Where are they?  Now you know where to find them.
Question #3:  What makes them tick?  This is important.  If you can’t help them solve some sort of problem, if you have not identified some pain, want, or desire, then how can you possibly help them?  What do they read?  Who do they hang out with?  What do they think about?  If you do not know these answers then you are just a salesman.  If you want to know my answers to these questions then order my ebook at Do not take these questions lightly just because they seem so simple.  If you ask these and then answer them in a different color and then read them when you wake up and then again before you go to sleep – magic will happen.  But only when you answer question #4.  This is the key.  Ready?  Brace yourself!
Question #4:  What do I have to do, change, or improve to attract more of them?  Ahhh…you mean it’s up to me?  Yes, my friend, exactly!  It’s up to you.  Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  So I say, “Be the change in your organization that you want to see.  Become the person you are looking for and the person you are looking for will find you.”

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