The Art of Making Appointments For Your Business

Making Appointments = Making Money

make appointments
I was just on the phone with one of my team mates.  She is in her early 20’s and is only just getting started in her home based business.  She is brand new, just learning the system, and was busy making appointments for people to take a look at the opportunity.  She did it so easily and so effortlessly.  In fact, I hosted my international leadership call earlier and taught live on the spot what she was doing, why it was working, and how simple it really is.
Professionals are good at making appointments for their business.  Period.  Medical Doctors do it.  Chiropractors do it.  Dentists do it.  Lawyers do it.  In fact she followed a very simple system that is going to make her a lot of money.  Whether you are in your 20’s or you are a baby boomer or any where in between, if you follow this 3 step system you will grow much quicker in your home based business, your network marketing business… or any business for that matter.  For times sake, lets just focus on network marketing. In this video I share some language for you that will assist you in making.

Here is a 3 step system that will help you.  A lot.

Step 1 – get good at Making Appointments

Many networkers just glaze over this step which in my opinion is one of the most important.  My new team mate made some connections, on Facebook, and asked them for a time they were free to chat.  Yes, it is simple.  She didn’t get into diarrhea of the mouth.  She didn’t verbally vomit on her prospect.  She just said that she found a way that she can make some extra money and asked her fb friend if he was interested.  He said yes.  She said “cool, when can you talk”?.  Thats it.  Easy peasy.  We will teach many more lessons, tips and techniques and how to properly get good at making appointments in some upcoming blogs.  What to say.  What not to say.  Etcetera, etcetera.  But with little to no skills, with little to no product knowledge, with little to no experience in our company, or in any company for that matter… this young jedi new team mate of mine simply asked the question “when can you talk”?

Step 2 – have your upline or success coach on the phone with you

 Now this is so simple that most of you won’t even do it.  Most of us will want to prove to our team mates that we can.  Prove to our new team that we have got the presentation down pact.  We want to have our best foot forward so that people will like us and say “atta boy”.  But this is actually backwards.  The reason so many are turning to network marketing as a solution, as an exit strategy,  a plan B, or in some cases now a plan A… is because of the ability to work in teams.  She called me and asked if I was available, and I  said YES.  I did the entire presentation, she got to listen while on mute.  Viola.  She is enrolled in the learn and earn program.  She didn’t have to get tongue tied and figure out what to say.

Step 3  – use the tools

 New people involved in network marketing are able to make money right out the gate.  Seasoned people who have been around for a long time are able to continue making money.  Use your company’s tools – the videos, audios, brochures.  The less talking you do, the easier it will be to enroll new team mates and sell more products.  Who ever talks least wins.  Its not about doing some elaborate presentation.  Or getting all ninja with your closing skills.  Its about talking less and doing more.  Working smarter not harder.  So if you want to enroll more people, have better results, do more presentations… then get good at this 3 step system, and get really good at making appointments.