The Construction Non-Industry

I know a lot of people who, a few years back, were doing really well in the construction industry. Many of them were very busy and making great money. Not wealth money but they worked hard and were living a comfortable lifestyle. Most of them took great pride in proclaiming how busy they were. You see, in that industry, busy seems to be a symbol of how successful you are. Each time I’d run into a construction friend after not seeing them for months, I’d extend the normal salutation, “Hey, It’s great to see you, how are you?” The response was always, “Phewww, BUSY!”, followed by the verbal vomit details of their 2-4-6-8-10 simultaneous jobs , running 16 hour days seven days a week and ending with “I’m so busy that I haven’t had a day off in a month!” When I would mention how it would be nice to get together more often, they poked at me and my “slacker” job.

Since I wasn’t making a multiple six figure income back then, they always felt inclined to drop some 2 second advice on me which was usually in the form of a statement, “You still sitting home all day?”, “If you want to get anywhere, you gotta get out there and work”, “You gave up a good job, you can’t just sit home all day”, etc… I heard it all. Not one of them took the time to listen and look at what I was doing. Not one of them had time freedom. I guess they were already making enough money so they didn’t need any extra.
Many of those “busy” contractors from back then are not so busy right now. They’re struggling. It’s not only the construction industry either. There’s a lot struggle going on in a lot of industries. There are a lot of people from that industry now with time freedom but, unfortunately for them, not the residual income kind!
They were making great money but were they in and running a residual wealth building business while acquiring that positive time freedom?
Have you ever noticed that wealthy people never speak about how “BUSY” they are? Do you know why? To obtain true wealth, you can’t be too busy to get wealthy. Busy will steal your life! Wealthy people get into the right industry and they know how to leverage. It’s that simple but there are two parts to that statement so here it is again: Wealthy people get into the right industry and they know how to leverage!
A common statement you hear in the construction industry is that it’s tough to find and keep good workers. There’s a reason for that. Construction business owners can’t pay a great worker the same amount of money he could make if he worked for himself. Ultimately, the great worker goes out, starts his own construction business and works for himself. That makes it very difficult to leverage.
And, the problem goes deeper. Every construction owner is competing with every other construction owner for jobs. When the economy and/or real estate are in a down turn, the construction industry follows. So the Construction Industry turns into The Construction Non-Industry!
Are you in the right industry? Do you know how to leverage?
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Mike Gruber, the MLMSkeptic, converted.

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