The Good Life

Every season I try to buy a Life is Good t-shirt.  I love ’em.  And, I live it by osmosis.  What you focus on expands.  I am focused on not only having a good life, not only having a great life, actually, but helping others have a great life too.  Most people don’t realize that if they are holding on so dearly to a good life that they forget the GREAT life is within reach.
You see, network marketing can give someone a good life and can help people have a great life.  As you know, I moved my family from Manhattan to Ridgefield, Connecticut; with a 4 1/2 year old and a 9-month-pregnant wife.  How would I have done it with a regular 9-to-5 office job (or more commonly, an 8-to-6)?  In moving and unpacking hundreds of boxes, I’ve also been able to have some fun too.  I’m all about lifestyle.  Yes, our products are amazing and, yes, the money is great.  But what about the lifestyle???

The lifestyle kicks ass!

Drew and son, Tyler, at Concert

Drew and son, Tyler, at Concert

We have been in Connecticut for 17 days now and have seen 3 free outdoor concerts, including the red-hot New Orleans Jam Band, The Radiators.  Wow!  Tyler and I boogied down to one of the most amazing jam bands ever on the beach at sunset.
A few days earlier, I had an appointment with one of the coaches that I get to work and train with. She’s an amazing women that is helping her family out of the rat race by building a home based business.   Because she is coachable and willing to let go of the good life, she knows the great life is right around the corner.  But in addition to doing some training, I have to have some fun too.
Drew on quad, not on vacation

This is not vacation!

Here’s a shot of me on a quad riding through the forrest. Now remember this is not vacation -this is my life.  This was a Tuesday while most are at work. You see, when your vocation becomes your vacation, you don’t have to work a day in your life.
Oh, I work.  And I play.  Actually, I plerk!!  What is the difference between a hippie and a yuppie? Give up! A YIPPEE!!!  That’s what I am. A Yippee.
With all this fun and moving and getting ready to have a baby, I am still getting stuff done.  I already have more then 20 new, fresh, HOT, leads. I’ve already sponsored 4 people since I’ve been here. I’ve already created a Mastermind Group based on the principles of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  And yesterday, I took some rockin’ players on my team out for a fun/social at Christies Auction House. We got a private tout and had Tea for 10 in the Board Room.
A Kick-Ass Team!

A Kick-Ass Team!

It’s a good life, my friend. Our team has a lot of momentum, a ton of fun, we make a difference in our community, and we make lotsa money.  Are you on our team already? If you are leave a comment here with how you have benefited from being on The Dream Team.
Are you not on our team yet? Are you open to another project where you can meet some great people, have a ton of fun and create an additional stream of income? Leave a comment here and someone from my team will get back to you in a day or two. We are looking for a few good men – and women – to lock arms with.

Are you ready for the good life? Are you ready for the great life? Allow yourself to cross-over to the possibility of your life being better than it is – far better. For some folks, this is H-U-G-E!!! If you’re one of those people, take the first step. It’s painless! Schedule some time in my calendar and see how it’s done!