The Importance of Duplication In Network Marketing

You’ve heard it before that duplication in network marketing is the key to success in your business.  When you are putting together your strategies and your DMO (daily method of operation) it is very important to not only do what will work, but will duplicate.  There are some important factors that will help you create large organizations, help you build a business that will last, and, build something that in essence can continue to grow with – or – without you.
If you are to create duplication in network marketing, first and foremost you want to keep things simple.  Here’s a good frame of reference, people are not duplicatable – but systems are.  The better you are at either using existing systems, or creating systems, the more profitable your business will be.  In my company for instance, we have a recruiting system, a system for product training, and a system for business development.  If your company does not have a simple system, then you might want to create one.  Systems should be so simple that a teenager should be able to learn it, implement it and teach it.  The better your systems, the better chance of creating duplication in network marketing.Below is a 3 step system that will help.

A 3 step process to ensure Duplication in Network Marketing

1) Use The Products – as obvious as this sounds I still get people to this day asking me if they can just sell and focus on the money and not use the products.  Zig Ziglar the famous motivational speaker started his career in cookware.  He was the number one salesman for his company.  One of the others in the company, not nearly as successful, invited Zig to his home for dinner, and some advice.  He actually cooked Zig dinner on a competitors cookware.  Zig confronted his host and the man said he couldn’t afford it. HA!  Then how could he expect others to buy it?  Zig taught him a good lesson and our host became a top seller.  Use the products, be a product of the product, and others will follow
2) Share the Story – this is what we get paid for folks.  How many times today did you tell your company story.  The only answer is a number.  Every day, every day – track how many times you show your company to someone.  People think they are working, but if they are not doing presentations they ain’t getting paid.  We only get paid for 2 activities – enrolling people (or selling products or services) or having others enroll products (or selling products and services)
3) Use the Tools – don’t be a fool, use a tool.  This is so very important.  A lot of new people (and even seasoned professionals) think they don’t need to use the tools.  They get confident in their ability, they cut corners, and they ultimately self sabotage.  They tend to work harder, instead of smarter.  In fact this is the very way to NOT create duplication in network marketing.