The Power of Positivity Pt. 2

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Have you ever been in a bad situation and your mind is just flooded with all the consequences you might face and how much worse things are going to get?

Of course you have! We’ve all been there.It is really difficult to remain positive in times of turmoil. But what you need to remember is how easy it is to dwell on the negative aspects of things. For example, the bad choices you have made in life. How you went into the wrong career field and nothing worked out for you. How you would have gotten a better grade in class had you tried a little bit harder.

The most important thing is to remain as positive as possible because things are never as bad as they seem.

Positivity is a powerful thing when a person allows it to be. It is so often that people go through life with so much doubt, fear, and “what-if’s”, in their minds.
This is especially true when it comes to career choices. Most of the time people who take chances and stay positive often reach new heights in their career that they never even imagined possible.
Since this will be my last “Part Two” post for a while, I want to reiterate some of my points from my previous “The Power of Positivity” blog post as well because I think they could also be great specks of knowledge and encouragement to keep in mind.

“A person’s outlook on life can effect not only them as a person but also those around them as well. Moods and vibes radiate off of people and can be passed on through a simple look, a person’s posture, or the words they speak and how they are spoken. This is why it is so important for a person to keep in mind the importance and power of positivity over the idea of negativity.”

“Since the world revolves around the internet and social media (which let’s be honest, is simply a gateway to complaint county) there is more than enough negativity to go around forever. Also since nearly (if not everything) revolves around technology, even if a person tries, it is extremely difficult to separate yourself from that kind of negativity. This can be especially true for anyone who works online (like network marketers).”

“It is often said that the type of people you surround yourself with is the type of person you will turn out to be or begin to implement the behavior of.”

Stay positive guys and as always…
Be Great!

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