The Power of Testimonials


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Hello everyone! It’s Drew Berman coming back at you with some tips of the network marketing trade.

Today’s subject is the power of testimonials and the great benefit they can have on a person’s network marketing career.
Having the experience and knowledge it takes to do your job is one thing but
having the power of testimonials to back up your work experience is a greater matter.
Think of testimonials as a network marketers version of a human resume.

Testimonials are the verbal truths that your past or current clients speak on your behalf.

They help to provide support and backbone to your skills as a network marketer. For example, maybe you have seen a Testimonial page online on a network marketers website. These can be presented in several different ways: through audio messages, physical video messages, or even typed/written messages as well.

Depending on the network marketer, the presentation of testimonials may differ.

Some may feel that the physical video would be more appealing due to the fact that visitors get to put a face to the commentary made about the network marketer being supported. Others may feel that a written or typed version can be more appealing because it can assist with the layout design of the website.
But let’s say for instance, we are not working with an online website. A network marketer could still have their actual client representing them and spreading the good word about their work in real life.
Dare I say this is one of the most effective ways to get the good word out because some still prefer hearing the word of mouth the old fashioned way.

Much like a high school student looking to get a summer job and needs a resume, network marketers need testimonials to prove their capability and effectiveness.
The power of testimonials cannot be disproven and hold an immense amount of weight in the eyes of potential customers.

If you are looking to become a network marketer keep in mind the power behind testimonials and make a great effort to do all you can in order to gain clients who will be happy to provide them for you.

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