The Unnamed Blog

I was struggling with the name for today’s blog. It could have been “training continues” or “Manhattan by Bicycle” or “Wow what a day” or “a day in the life” or “I love my wife , I love my life”.
I woke up and played and wrestled and giggled with little Tyler. Got on the bike and headed north on the Hudson river. Ended up at my buddy Sandy and Eileen’s apartment uptown. Chilled there on their deck for a few hours. Hosted an international leadership call looking out over the water. Got back on the bike and rode to the little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.

George Washington Bridge Lighthouse

GWB Lighthouse

I love lighthouses and it was extraordinary to view the bridge from below. Finished the day with 10 miles. Came back for a meeting with one of my top leaders.
Then put on my dancin’ shoes and saw the New Mastersounds on a boat cruise around Manhattan with some friends.
New Mastersounds Cruise Concert

New Mastersounds

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty