Tips on Driving Traffic to Your Website Pt.1

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It can be extremely difficult to get people to engage and opt-in on your website, but here are some ways that will make that process easier for you.

Number One: Figure out who your target audience is and gear your content towards the topics they would be interested in.

This step is so important because whether you’re advertising, blogging, or actually selling products you always want to have a focus. Having a target audience means you know what attracts that selective group of people. This will help you with creating your website design and layout, creating content that will grab your target reader’s attention and also with knowing what social media outlets they use the most. By knowing what apps they are viewing when they are turning on their laptops, tablets, and phones, you are figuring out the perfect places to post your content so that it is well received by your desired market.

Number Two: You’ve figured out who they are and what they like. Now you have to strategically post your content.

What this means is that you don’t simply post just anything anywhere in any old way. You have to also speak the language of your audience and their social media favorites, which is a great tip from Ray Higdon. For example, if your audience is into visuals and would rather see pins from Pinterest and decide for themselves if they want to click on the link that takes them to an article, then you have to cater to that as well. Pick an intriguing picture for your post that will captivate their attention. Then make sure you have a caption that will also make them want to click on the link to your website. Once you’ve gotten that far speak their language and tell your Pinterest audience to “re-pin”. Now you’ve drawn them in and got them to share your content without them even feeling forced.
On the other hand, if you have an audience who prefers Facebook and LinkedIn, then you have to urge them to “comment” and “share” your post. You also have to post on different pages and groups that interest them and coincide with whatever your particular post or website is about.

Number Three: “Content is King but Engagement is Queen and she rules the house”
– Mari Smith

Although engagement is not a substitute for making money, which was best said by Ray Higdon, it is still very important when it comes to bringing more traffic to your site. People often feel more comfortable to opt-in and engage on posts when they see that other people participated. It makes them feel that you are a reliable source because you have a following and great reviews tend to attract people to the product.
A tip to keep in mind when it comes to engagement is that you never want to assume that people are going to do what you want them to do. Most of the time you have to tell them what you want them to do in a non-resisting raising way, which means it’s more like giving encouragement than direction. An example of this may look similar to “Step Two” when I mentioned telling your audience to “re-pin” if they’re on Pinterest and “share and comment” if they’re on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can incorporate phrases like, “feel free to share or tag…” that will make them feel like they have the option but it still puts it in their mind if they weren’t initially thinking about it. This will also give them more incentive to tag their friends that they think the post will relate to, which may ultimately bring you more fans. You could also pre-promote your content by asking what your audience would like to see next which will get them interacting with you. Giveaways based on actions is another great way to encourage people to engage.

Number Four: Interact on Other Blogs’ Comments and Form a Tribe.

It’s not only important to get your fans to engage, but part of getting traffic to your site means that you have to engage and interact also. When people comment on your posts with questions, suggestions and ideas, etc. you should respond to them! Let them know that you care about what they have to say because that is your way of resonating with them.
Also, post insightful comments on other blogger’s websites. This may lead to you forming a tribe with other bloggers who would agree to like, share and comment on your posts as long as you return the favor. This can play a big part in driving traffic because their fans and subscribers might enjoy your content so much that they become your fans too!

Number Five: Attend and Host Events

This is the last step of the tips listed in Part One, but it is extremely important when it comes to gaining an audience. When you attend events you not only meet other people with similar interests, but it is also a perfect place to promote yourself. You may meet people who are interested in the topics or services your website provides and before you know it you’re gaining more viewers, readers and subscribers. When you host events you can ensure that you are giving your website a platform and more than likely after you mention it the attendees of the event will be intrigued enough to check it out. Just remember to be friendly and inviting whether you are attending an event or hosting events because you need these people to like you enough to give you a chance. You have to convince them that they need you too.
If you liked what you read, then stay tuned for Part Two where I will list the last five ways to drive traffic to your website!
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