Today's Network Marketer

My wife and I went to a wedding on Long Island the other night.  First class all the way – black tie – quite elegant.  We were there 15 minutes, enjoying the cocktail hour and some yummy hor douvres.  The sun was setting.  We joined a threesome out by the fountain.  The man to my right commented on my wife’s 4 month pregnant belly.  He was an obstetrician.  When he asked what I did, I simply replied that I work in nutrition and specialize in weight loss.  In fact, I work with a lot of doctors around the country.  He asked if it was network marketing and I said, “of course”.  He too was a networker.  No surprise there.  He was sharp, well dressed, well spoken, and yes – he was a DOCTOR.  The epitome of success, according to society.  And yet, he was a networker.  The best of society is being attracted to this industry which has changed and matured over the years.  He wants time freedom, something he can not accomplish as a doctor.  Medical insurance is through the roof, the hours are tough, and the lifestyle not quite what he was promised in med school.  And he only gets paid when he is at the office.  But what about when he is at the golf course?  As the evening went on, I found that golf was a true passion, and network marketing gave him a passive residual income stream, even when playing golf.  Most people – even doctors – have an active non-residual income stream.  Network marketers, once they follow the system and get a team up and running, are able to create income weather or not they work, travel, or play golf.  No wonder the best of the best are migrating to this industry.  The country is in the worst recession in 70 years.  Real estate agents are swarming to network marketing.  So are teachers, and lawyers, and athletes, and if you don’t pay attention, you may show up at a team meeting and you might see someone you know in the seats learning about financial freedom.  It may be your cousin, perhaps your neighbor, and don’t be surprised if sitting in the front row, taking copious notes, not skeptical at all but fully open-minded and present, is your doctor.  He is going to get in anyway, he might as well be on your team!