Top Social Networking Sites

Top Social Networking SitesIf you are in business today, you are learning the need to not only have an offline presence but you also need an online presence, including on the top social networking sites. How are local companies competing with online pricing? What is a small business supposed to do when someone “googles” their industry and they don’t even show up? Let alone on the first page. One of the keys for future and present business, of course, is to be accessible and available on the top social networking sites. But how does someone like my dad, who is at the center of the baby boom, get linked in? Well…it is important to know what the top social networking sites are: Facebook, that’s a no-brainer, the front runner. Linkedin and Twitter run a close second. The times they are a-changin’, that is for sure.

Top Social Networking Sites…On Date Night?

For date night, my wife and I went to see The Social Network….All I can say is WOW!!! And as the hours and days go by since seeing it, the memory of it keeps getting better. Here we are in 2010, and we are talking about the top social networking sites. The story of how Facebook began, from a college dorm room in Harvard, February 4, 2004, is a fascinating tale of a college nerd who cracked the code. The goal was to create a network of students, at Harvard, with the elite email address, so people can connect with their friends. What happened, only a few short years ago, is going to effect how we all communicate, how we network, how we socialize, and how we live.

Throughout the film, we see for the first time in history several thousand new clicks within a few hours. We see Facebook celebrating their 1000th member and then their 1,000,000th member. The film was fun, inspirational, sensational…and without all the car crashes, explosions and high tech doo-dads we typically see today. It was fun to watch them take “Facebook” and turn it into a verb …. Just Facebook me.

Our Evolution With The Top Social Networking Sites

So is Facebook one of the top social networking sites? Absolutely. At first I thought is was kinda dumb. I mean as recently as 2006 my friend showed me Facebook and I thought it was a joke…. why would I want to be friends with people that I wasn’t friends with 20 years ago. Wow, how we have evolved. Now I rarely talk to someone unless I “Facebook” them first. It’s pretty wild. In the days of Napster and Twitter and Digg and Ping and Myspace and the others – how do we determine what the top social networking sites are?

Well here is a basic clue. Facebook is mostly social – how to keep tabs on your friends and how to make new friends with similar interests. Linked In is more of a business networking site, more geared towards professions. These are but two of the top social networking sites. Do people crossover? Yes, absolutely you will see people trying to build their business on Facebook and trying to socialize on Linked In. But what about Plaxo and Foursquare? I know there are a lot out there, and there a lot more coming. This is the new frontier, and the internet is here to say.

Stay tuned with more info on the top social networking sites. Right now, we will focus on Facebook. This is front and center for most. Tip #1? Don’t sell on Facebook. It’s inappropriate and loud. You will scare more people then you attract. Just use Facebook as a tool to develop relationships, connect with people with similar interests, and make new friends. To get some tips on how to market on Facebook without annoying your friends, I use and recommend

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To your health, wealth and time freedom.

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Again, of the top social networking sites, Facebook is today’s heavyweight so join, make some friends, join some groups, and be social.




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