Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter Marketing StrategiesHere are some Twitter marketing strategies taken from some recent training. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms in the world today. Huge amounts of Twitter content attracts a huge number of “eyes” daily. As a small business entrepreneur, it’s clear that marketing to this social media platform is worth considering.
This Twitter marketing strategy information is organized in a learn/apply format – learn the point in the “learn” column and an example of applying what you have learned is in the “apply” column. I bet you’ll find this quite valuable. In fact, if you’re not marketing your business on Twitter yet, take advantage of these Twitter marketing strategies and get started today!

Learn and Apply These Twitter Marketing Strategies

Learn Apply
Have a friendly picture of you smiling, with a bio that people can relate to. A smiling picture denotes approachablity. Write a bio that can relate to people on a personal level (such as family, interests, city of residence or where you’re from, if notable). Bio should be less sales-y and should have a link to your blog, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. This is your Twitter brand.
Using @twittername is called a “mention” and it is the number one way to get someone’s attention. Mention some of your followers regularly to gain more of their attention. Mention or direct message them to see why they’re following you or to tell them to check out your blog. Don’t forget “Follow Friday”!
Provide content and value by posting: YouTube and other videos, Motivational quotes, and fun pictures. Have direct links to YouTube videos. Share videos that you like or find funny. Share inspirational quotes and fun pictures as well. These are to help connect with your followers. During special events, take pictures and post them on Twitter (Perhaps your followers will reply and say “hey, I’m here too!”) Understand that part of your Twitter marketing strategy is to make yourself approachable. This is the first step in creating relationships with other Twitter users.
Use tools like to automate direct messages of new followers, post mentions, and generally manage unlimited accounts., specifically, is an application tailored for Twitter to automate direct messages, notifications of mentions, etc. Using this application can be beneficial because one can automate a direct message to all new followers, for example. Automation is the best way to connect with people and increase traffic in your blog. A direct message example might be: “You’re cool 😛 – Connect with me on [your Facebook or blog link, but do not use your Facebook Fan Page or YouTube here]. Love connecting with cool peeps.” Note that there are other applications like that do similar things.
Create a “Twitter Marketing Daily Plan of Attack” and stick to it. 1) Discipline trumps talent: Follow your plan for 6 months, less than 10 minutes per day, everyday.
2) Read, comment, retweet, 10 MLM or marketing blogs per day.
3) Search out and follow 20 MLM leaders on twitter per day using or
4) Get 2 to 5 people to tell you “no” to your opportunity per day. Then tell them about MLSP to help them build their own business.
5) Create one new piece of online content per day (blog, article, video, etc).
Following MLM leaders and reading/commenting/retweeting marketing blogs can bring more traffic to your Twitter, blog, and your other social media platforms. It displays your dedication and how well you do in your area of expertise. Making connections with other MLM leaders can help in the long-run (sharing and communicating ideas and thoughts and becoming partners); creating pieces of blog articles everyday and posting on Twitter can give your blog more exposure.
Do not use an application tailored for Twitter that automatically follows people who follow you. Too many follows in a certain period of time can lead to the shut-down of your Twitter account. Your best option is un-follow spam accounts or those who are not following you.

More Twitter Marketing Training

If you haven’t had enough Twitter marketing strategy training – this is just a brief overview! – check out this quick webinar that will go into further details about how to automate Twitter to provide an endless flood of business prospects! The Twitter marketing strategies in this webinar helped attract a MILLION-DOLLAR EARNER!!
The best to you in all you do!
– Drew


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  • Sheriden June 26, 2012 at 6:49 am

    A very good post. This will be useful to people who are starting at social media promotions or those who are doubtful if the technique really works.

  • Gregory McGuire June 27, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Hi Drew,
    Twitter is one of my favorite marketing mediums. What most people don’t understand, sadly, is that the key to success on Twitter is the relationships. With Twitter, you can build them super-fast.
    I love your Twitter daily plan of attack for 6 months. If someone did that consistently, I’m certain they’d see significant growth in their business.
    Awesome information, Drew. Thanks for sharing!

  • Drew Berman June 28, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    hey Gregory … nice to see you here. You always have something good to say. Love to chat with you and see what we can do together!

  • Drew Berman June 28, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    thanks sheridan … new comers and seasoned pros can all benefit