Video training with Mark Harbert: Become a YouTube master part II

Marketing through videos is an incredibly effective tool to clearly communicate with your target audience. I hope you found value in my previous post about video training with Mark Harbert. If you implement this advice and these skills into your daily marketing strategy, you will achieve your goals. Here is some more advice on how to create quality videos that will make you a YouTube master.

Anatomy of a good video:

  • Keep it simple – introduction, content, call to action
  • Introduction: who and where you are. Create point of references in order to encourage familiarity.
  • Welcome viewer to instantly build rapport.
  • Provide value – a viewer only cares about getting something out of your video. If you consistently provide value, the will know what to expect when watching your videos and will be more likely to check them out, as they know you are worth it. Value will also encourage a viewer to pass along the video to their friends and colleagues.
  • Strong call to action at the end – people generally like to be told what step they should take next. Be clear and be strong.

How to begin video marketing:

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Make your video AT LEAST one minute long. As you get more comfortable making videos, it will become easier to make your videos longer.
  3. No matter how bad you think it is, UPLOAD IT! You cannot perfect any skill without practice. If you keep waiting to get started until you make a “perfect” video, you will never get started.
  4. Message 1-2 marketing friends and ask them to take a look. They can provide feedback and will potentially share your video with others.
  5. Do this five times and you will begin to breakthrough. You must push through your fear and self-consciousness and take action.

Make a video and send it my way. I would be glad to give you some feedback. Do you have any video making tips that have worked for you? Comment on this post with what works for you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.