Video training with Mark Harbert: Become a YouTube master

Creating videos is one of the most important strategies you can utilize to connect with your target audience. Stef and Jason went through some MLSP training with Mark Harbert about how anyone can absolutely become a YouTube Lead Master, even if you are brand new and have never made a dime online before.
No matter what strategies you are currently using, at some point you will need to work video into it. YouTube is the #3 website in the world and #2 search engine, which tells you people enjoy videos and your video is very likely to get traffic.

Why integrating video is important:

  • Bridges the gap between virtual reality and actual reality.
  • Makes you a “real” person – you can show people who you really are without meeting face-to-face. People get to see you and get to know you, which leads to trust and future interactions.
  • Video ranks better on Google. SEO is key to driving traffic to your content, so why wouldn’t you utilize strategies that will automatically drive traffic?
  • You can also rank on YouTube, which also leads to extra traffic.
  • Leads are more qualified because trust has been built.
  • Top producers often communicate via video, such as Ray and Jessica Higdon. One of the best ways to be successful is to model yourself after successful people. Take notes on what has made them successful and implement these strategies to fit with your objectives and goals.

What kind of video do people want to see?

  • Find out what people want. What are they searching for? Provide the answer in a video!
  • Book reviews
  • Training topics – these can be about anything you feel is important and that you want to share with you audience. Examples: prospecting, recruiting, etc.
  • Personal development topics
  • Company/distributor reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Value-based videos for your list – invite others on Hangouts

As you can see, not only is creating videos important, but you can make a variety of different types of videos your target audience will appreciate. Check out my YouTube channel for more ideas.