Ways to Establish an Online Presence in Network Marketing

Ways to Establish an Online Presence in Network MarketingA critical component of success in network marketing is having a strong online presence. In order to have a wide reach, you need to make it to where other people can find you and know what you’re all about. How would you like to learn how to take yourself to the next level?

I absolutely believe all those in this business need to be blogging consistently in order to reach more people.

I personally think WordPress is the best venue for blogging, but you can certainly do it on other platforms. If you’d like a great course on blogging, check out Ray Higdon’s “3 Minute Expert” course. I’ve seriously learned so much from Ray and this course.
If use WordPress or think that you might like to, check out these awesome plugins that you should be using:
1. The first plugin is called BackWPup. This is a plugin that allows you to back up your WordPress and the content it contains. We all know that things happen — crashes, hacks, etc. You must have a copy of your work backed up so that you’re not out of business for a long period of time!
2. The next plugin is iThemes Security. It is always important to have protection from hackers and those trying to gain access to your site! You have security and anti-virus for your computer… why not your blog and website? This plugin hides vital parts of your site from hackers, preventing login attempts, protecting access to important files, and more. Keep your site safe!
3. Another great plugin for WordPress is called Pippity. This allows you to create a pop up on your blog that you can set up to where users only see it once. For example, you can have it pop up to ask people to join the newsletter. If they’re not interested in joining, all they have to do is click the “x” and it won’t show up again. This way users won’t get annoyed by a pop up every single time they log on.
4. In addition, Pretty Link Lite lets you create simple URLs from really long and complicated ones. If you’re anything like me, those URLs with random letters and numbers that go on for miles can get annoying. By using this plugin, you can allow users to easily remember the name of your WordPress site so that they can access it quickly!
5. Finally, W3 Total Cache can make your site a better experience for users. How many times have you just clicked out of a website because it took forever to load? Well, with W3 Total Cache, no one will do that on your website/blog. This plugin collects information and stores it for users so that it is quick to load on each visit.
These plugins won’t make you an expert blogger, but they will certainly help you along this important journey. Blogging allows those who read your stuff a chance to really go out and do it themselves. If you deliver value and incredible information in your blog, your business will do better. It’s just as easy as that.

In addition to blogging, another great tool to establish an online presence is Aweber.

This is a great start for email marketing. As I’ve stated before, email in network marketing can really make or break you. Aweber allows you to do multiple things with email: automatic opt-in forms, automated emails on a consistent basis, and allow your followers to see when you’ve posted a new blog.
By having these consistent emails coming out, you’re network marketing business will grow because of all of the interesting tips and tricks that people will want to buy. Let them know how your business can help them. If they feel that you can educate and help them, people will be interested in what you have to say!

That’s it for today about ways to establish an online presence in network marketing.

If you’d like to talk more about blogging and the other online tools I use, please feel free to reach out to me directly! I hope to hear from you all soon! If you got some value from this, please feel free to like, share, or comment!
Be Great!
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