What is a Blog? A Way to Make Easy Money!

What is a Blog A Way To Make Easy MoneyIn the world of business, competition is tough. In order to be successful, you must be able to successfully generate leads and turn those leads into sales. I’ve always said that blogging is the number one way to help to just that. What is a blog? It’s simply a way to make easy money! But, wouldn’t you know, there are still some that are doing it wrong.

I’m here to tell you that the number one way to make easy money from your blog: your opt-in form.

An opt-in form is defined as, “Express permission from a customer or lead to allow a marketer to send more information or products.” Basically, an opt-in form is how you know that people really want to learn more from you and get value from your content. Some people don’t have them, but others just make really bad ones… don’t be one of those!
For example, telling people to “Join my list” is just awful. You have to give them something; help solve their problems or take them to the next level in their business or interests. And don’t just give away free gifts… having a free download of a video or text file is a great way to give some solid gold information that you’ve learned! Opt-in form + giveaway = Success!
If you want an opt-in form, you must have an auto-responder. You can definitely try Aweber if you’re a beginner or just pay someone to do it real quick for you. Also, you have to have it pop out into a new window so you can track your lead generation easier.
Some people like to blog just for fun. Whether it be talking about their cats or wild adventures, these people will never make money from what they write. However, blogging is a way to make easy money! In his “3 Minute Expert” course, Ray Higdon talks about many other ways to get the cash from your blog. I’ve picked out some of the best ones to share with you today.
1. Have a monthly continuity group. Say that you’re an expert in a certain area and you want to teach people how to become an expert also. In your blog, you should mention that you are an expert and that all people have to do is email you in order to become one also. When they email you, tell them about a group where they pay a monthly fee to learn about this subject. It’s just that easy!
2. Product splintering. Put a link on your blog that opens up to a site that contains group training/coaching via webinars. Offer one of the best segments of this group and offer it for an extremely low price. Once people go through the first section of the course, they will want to pay more for the remainder of it.
3. Quotes. People love quotes from those who are experts in their field. On your blog, have the quote from that person and then have a “Click to Tweet” the quote link after it. Set it up to where the Tweet automatically generates the quote, mentions your Twitter handle, contains a link to your site, and then mentions the Twitter handle of a person who said the quote. This will not only get people interested in the person who said the quote, but will get followers to click on your site and potentially buy your products.
Now if someone asks you, “What is a blog?”… you be able to answer, “It is a killer way to make easy money!” If you’d like to talk more about this, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I would love to help you on the next step of your journey.
Be Great!
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