What is Leadership? Two Things to Remember

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What is Leadership Two Things To RememberLeadership is something that can be learned. When you learn to become a successful leader, you come to realize that it is a life-long commitment to education and bettering yourself. There are two main things you need to remember while you’re on this path to becoming a great leader: conversation and spirit of giving.

What is leadership exactly and how do these ideas actually work?

Let’s start by talking about the first idea I mentioned, conversation. The answer is short for this one: to show others the excitement you have for what you are doing. Conversation for a leader involves more than just showing up to the job day in and day out; a leader needs to get others fired up for what they do. You have to make sure that you break down the barriers of miscommunication that plagues most professional organizations or people.
The first step in becoming better at conversing with others is to sit and listen. You need to understand the thoughts and feelings that are trying to be explained to you. Once you do this, effective problem solving will be much simpler because you will be able to make sure that all sides of the issue are being addressed.
The most important aspect of conversation involves being honest. You need to be able to talk with members of your team and other leaders around you. By avoiding an issue or even lying about it, progress ceases to exist and people tend to get stuck in the mud.
Never forget that being a leader involves so many different components, not just conversation. Always questioning yourself and striving to achieve more and become better is so important for a leader in any field.

Also, if you want to be a great leader worth following, you have to know that you’re going to have to give.

No longer is the spirit of giving restricted for the holiday season; a fantastic leader needs to be willing to give a lot. However, you should be prepared to give something that many others don’t know. What is it exactly?
A true leader needs to be willing to offer praise and encouragement for those who are members of the team. One of my favorite people of all time, John Maxwell, said this about encouragement, “People go farther than they thought they could when someone else thinks they can.” Encouragement for those on the team that are struggling or even excelling is a method of creating an atmosphere that will be positive and have very little turnover.
People don’t just quit their jobs if they absolutely love them. Encouragement from a leader can take your team from average to a team that is so in sync and pumped up about the mission and goals they have. Once you have this, all of the other pieces will seem to fall into place.

Something else you need to be willing to give is your time…

New team members or those having difficulty will require more training or help to get them to a level of success. Leaders are the ones to pioneer this training so that the culture of the team will be in line with the overall goal that is trying to be achieved.
Give to those around you that are in need. That’s something you’ve heard your entire life. Being a leader is no exception to this rule; give those around you your encouragement and your time and I know that you’ll be on your way to success! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting some answers to your question, “What is leadership?”. Let me know some other tips you’ve used by contacting me directly; I would love to hear from you!
Be Great!
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