What's Your Exit Strategy?

Temper Tantrums At Any Age!? What’s the best way to break a friend’s career temper tantrum, especially now that there aren’t any old-school options out there for them anymore? You know the type. They are right at that struggling age:  too young to retire, too old for a cut/dry career change.  What could you possibly suggest as a suitable career option?

In the past, friends have been downsized, laid off, quit, changed jobs, or simply stayed in the same place for the last 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years.  Whether brought on by their loyal employer who gave them the boot after years of service and dedication or brought upon by themselves after never having any “real” time or financial freedom, they need a solution NOW.  What advice do you give? 

Go out and just find a new Just Over Broke (JOB) that pays a little more and has an extra week of vacation?  Go for it and change careers?  How easy is it to do that these days and who really wants to be in another corporate pyramid?  How about investing some money?  Is that safe?  Who would they trust?  Become a dealer?  There’s the whole law thing with cops, lawyers and jail… Is it worth it?  How about inventing something everyone needs, build it, warehouse it, market it, sell it, deliver it, support it, etc… How long would that take and how much money?  Do they have a green thumb?  Maybe they should get more credit cards and grow more red debt?  Is that wise?

Do any of these sound viable, reasonable?

What if you could show them a new industry… an industry where they can change careers at any rate they want (on the side of what they’re doing or jumping right in)…an industry they can invest money in themselves, become a product of a product already invented, built, warehoused, and shipped that’s not only legal but something everyone needs.  Imagine being aligned in an industry that has the best payment structure and advancement based on performance and hard work and not on who someone knows…an industry that will help them eliminate credit cards and grow wealth instead of growing debt and give them time freedom to do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing!

This is an industry that gets people dreaming again.

Would you suggest that option to them?  Would you be their friend if you didn’t?

Can you relate to this? Do you have friends or have you yourself been out of work, voluntarily or involuntarily, or have you sat behind a desk/steering wheel/window/(etc) or stood with a shovel/mower/hammer/(etc) for days, weeks, months, or years thinking that there has to be something better? If only I could …… Take a chance! Schedule some time in my calendar and see how it’s done!

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