The Importance of Marketing and MLM Strategy

The Importance of Marketing and MLM StrategyIf a ¬†McDonald’s sign didn’t stand up above the expressway would you still have thought to go there instead of Wendy’s for lunch? If the M&M’s logo did not have peanuts that walked and talked would you still consider choosing them over a Crunch bar?
If “probably not” was your answer for both of these, then you already understand the basic qualities of importance pertaining to the reasons why advertising is designed the way that it is. Its pretty pictures get the attention of consumers like a moth to a flame. Advertising and marketing go hand in hand and are basically the same things just with differing names.

Advertising is usually seen as a subset or quality of marketing.

As you well know, advertising is the promotion of a product or brand in order to pique the curiosity of an audience and get them to become potential consumers of the product or brand that is being promoted. This is why the importance of marketing cannot be overstated.
I once explained the importance of honing SEO skills for one who is in the network marketing field. In this case, it is just as urgent for one to learn why marketing is such a large part of this field for entrepreneurs. Similar to SEO training and retention, marketing is just as primary of a notion to learn about.

Potential consumers need to be aware of you, the product you are endorsing, and where to find/how to contact you if they are interested in purchasing it.

Marketing depends on all of the variables involved: you, the consumer, your team, the quality of the product and the advertising of it/you.
1. Your part: You need to come up with a brand and product that makes people want to join your team, support and help endorse/ promote you and the product.
2. Your team: They should (if experienced) handle the marketing aspect of things, however, there is no such thing as being too marketable.
3. Advertising of the product/you and the quality of the product: Always market yourself as well, that way you are spreading the good word about yourself, showcasing your hard work and true dedication to potential consumers. A large part of marketing is marketing yourself, getting up in front of cameras and eliminating the persona of perfection that most large organizations try to bring forth. Be honest with your consumers.
4. The quality of the product: Believe me when I say some consumers have had it with the lies that come from infomercials and businessmen/women in suits who in reality, have no clue about anything beyond the digits on their paychecks. People like this are the Squidward’s and Mr. Krabbs of the network marketing profession…We need more Spongebob’s…Be a Spongebob.

Another important aspect of marketing that (in my opinion) all companies should take the time out to learn about and attempt to implement the ideals of is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

If you are a part of a large team and wish to garner more income, this would be the perfect way to do so while simultaneously becoming the saving grace of the marketing company you work for. Multi-Level Marketing is a godsend strategy that assists your organization with the process of recruiting along with strategic and lightening fast marketability, then you as well due to the paycheck increase you will earn if able to pull this off. But I won’t bore you with too many details on this. However, if you are interested in learning more about MLM strategies, feel free to contact me.
Your brand and company literally relies on marketing, without it, there would be no visitors, no traffic, and no consumers who are aware of you. You will just be a man or woman sitting behind a large desk in a business suit (that you most likely now can’t afford to pay for due to the lack of customers because you did not market your brand). Don’t be this person. Remember the importance of of marketing in relation to your brand and try to implement MLM Strategies if possible with your company.
Be Great!
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  • Jonathan Ahn June 21, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    A strategy is really important because you can plan and discuss your steps in achieving a successful business. Great post Drew.

  • Dereco Cherry June 21, 2016 at 11:36 pm

    Learning marketing is something most people fail to learn properly. There are two words in the word Network Marketing. When you learn how to do both of these it will change your business big time. Some people never learn how to do either one of them and their business really takes a hit because of it. This profession is just like any other one, you have to learn some skills if you want to stay in this game for the long term. Thanks for putting this together Drew.

  • Rich Payne June 22, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Appreciate the knowledge Drew. Marketing is truly an important strategy for your business success.