Why Virtual Internships are Beneficial to College Students

blog-picSearching for the right internship can really be a hassle, but for every problem there’s always a solution out there. You just have to utilize your resources and find it!

You may be a busy college student who needs work experience, but you may also have an extremely busy schedule and a million other things to do on a daily basis. If you’re anything like me, you may have even woken up one day alarmed at the sudden realization that you are driving full force into the real world right before your own eyes. That feeling can be scary and discouraging at times, but this is when you take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What are my options?” After you’ve calmed down and realized that it’s not the end of the world and you’re just growing up, you will probably be on the search again for more internship opportunities.

Now here’s where the solution comes in.

There’s this amazing thing called a “virtual internship.” This means that you can be in your own room, on the go, in your school library, or wherever you need to be and still receive priceless work experience! Online internships are extremely flexible and they make it easier to handle the different responsibilities that you have in other areas of your life. This type of experience allows you to have a set amount of hours per week, but you determine which days and hours you will complete the work for your internship. Another bonus is that if you happen to be one of those college students without a car you don’t have to worry about that affecting your chances of landing this internship. Also, if you do have a car you don’t have to stress about the gas money you’re spending every week when commuting because the only meetings you have will be on the phone or Skype. You will also learn how to communicate more professionally via emails because this will be your main source of communication. That acquired skill will help you tremendously in whichever career field you choose and proper email etiquette is impressive to employers.

Time management is everything!

Even though there are so many different bonuses of being a virtual intern, you must keep in mind that there will be no one there to physically check on you to make sure that you are on task. These companies looking for virtual interns want to know that you are reliable and have a strong work ethic because they are also investing their time and faith into you. Work is still required but you have the privilege to choose when, which means you need to be prepared to enhance your time management skills if you haven’t already. These types of experiences are exactly what you make it. They can be fun if you plan, execute and communicate. On the other hand, they can lead to you having no good references or recommendations if you don’t take it seriously. You want to be the intern who everyone wants to take the time to write a letter of recommendation for because they know that person would be a good asset to any company. And if you really enjoy your virtual internship your goal might even be to get a full-time offer. So you want to put you best foot forward even if it’s not actually stepping into the office.“Are you in Human Resources and need valuable experience? You should intern with us! Please go to https://christinaburks.youcanbook.me and schedule 30 minutes to meet with our Senior Human Resources Talent Scout, Christina Burks.”
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