The X Factor, RockStar Marketing, and Creating an MLM Fortune – Part 2

Your Personal X Factor

Your Personal X Factor

If you’re coming to this blog post but haven’t seen The X Factor – Part 1 yet, check it out first. It has a great story about meeting a new prospect…or becoming one…! 🙂
If you have made it to this blog it is probably because you are looking for a Plan B. Or with the way the economy is going, possibly for a Plan A. If it’s your first time here – welcome. I hope to give you the tips, tools and techniques to make a fortune in MLM, or network marketing – or what I like to call relationship marketing. If you are a returning visitor – we expect you to learn something new each and every time.
Today’s topic? The X Factor. If you apply these strategies into your business, you will stand out from your competition, attract more leaders into your organization, and grow an MLM empire. If you are not yet involved in a network marketing company, contact my office and we will see if we can find the right fit for you.

What is your personal X Factor?

What is your X Factor? Are you a good recruiter, team builder, or event planner? Do you prefer online strategies vs. offline techniques? Is your niche stay-at-home moms or athletes or baby boomers? The clearer you are, the easier it will be.
In network marketing you want to get good at certain activities. The skills I look for in a potential business partner are the ability to:

  • enroll
  • lead
  • motivate
  • train
  • promote

And if someone has it all? Then they have The X Factor.
When I get someone up to speed on all of the above skill sets – then we start getting into the how-to’s of this business. They will then learn:

  • the art of a 3 way call
  • how to overcome objections
  • how to create duplication
  • how to start people off properly
  • how to guide them through the organization so that they have success

What is a true X Factor ingredient?

Putting other peoples wants, needs, and desires ahead of your own. And, putting other peoples success ahead of your own.
So what does being a RockStar have to do with all this. Well, everything. Treat your people like RockStars. Promote their success. Praise them often. Get them acknowledged on stage. Make them a RockStar, and you’ll have the X Factor, which will earn you a fortune in network marketing.
So dig deep into your organization, look far and wide for people with the X Factor – people who:

  1. have the time
  2. have the ability
  3. have the desire
  4. who are coachable

Find people with the X Factor, and you’ll live like a RockStar making a fortune in Network Marketing.

5 concepts to implement immediately to build your personal X Factor

  1. Do what works for you – there are many ways of doing network marketing. Some get all their leads from Facebook, others prefer face to face. If social media is your thing, go for it. If not find something else. Facebook is more social while Linkedin has a more professional slant. Pick a niche. Jack Canfield says, “Niche yourself rich!”
  2. Focus on people, not dollar signs. If you help people, the money will follow.
  3. Start high. If you try to enroll people with your smallest package, and they say no, you’re dead in the water. If you start with your highest package, and they resist or give you a money objection, you can always drop down in price.
  4. Be a leader. Lead people and manage things. Connect with your teammates on a deep level. They don’t want just another boss. Focus on motivating and inspiring your people, not on managing them.
  5. Envision your successful life. What does life look like 3 months from now? A year from now? If you don’t know where you are going, you may not like where you end up.

Best to you as you built YOUR X Factor!
– Drew

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