You’re Right

You Are RightIf you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. Many people have said versions of that statement from Mary Kay Ash, founder of the global giant Mary Kay Cosmetics to Zig Zigler, best selling author and motivational speaker. Think about what I just said, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. That applies to anything in your life. Your beliefs and vocabulary are either holding you back or rocketing you forward. If you want to get into shape and say, “I can’t,” you’re right! As a result, your actions will reflect what you believe and say. However, if you want to get into shape and say, “I can,” guess what happens, you take action to make what you said and believe a reality. Why? Because your mind does not want to make a liar out of you.

What areas of your life are you struggling in at this very moment? Are there words like can’t, won’t, don’t like to, impossible, not me, hate, and the like circulating around those areas and situations? What areas of your life are you excelling in at this very moment? What words are associated with your triumphs? Excellent, I’m awesome, that’s easy, I can do that, love it, no effort? Sound familiar? The words you use will create beliefs and those beliefs are either going to limit you or empower you in your life.
So, now, I want to speak directly to those in the direct sales, multi-level and network marketing arenas. Do you believe you can? Or do you believe you can’t? Can you recruit? Can you train? Can you handle objections and concerns? Or can’t you? Answer those questions and determine what your beliefs and vocabulary around each situation are and start to change your can’ts to can’s. Remember, if you believe you can’t or you can, you’re right!
I believe you CAN! Do you?
– Drew