David Wood: Your Success Coach – Everyone Needs a Guru, Part 2

Seth Lefferts and David Wood

Seth Lefferts and David Wood

This is the second post in a series about my building a new business in the network marketing industry and the success coaches helping me get there as quickly as possible. It isn’t something that is just going to happen by itself. It takes courage through adversity, focus on clear goals, stick-to-it-iveness (I love that word), hard work, and it takes help from others who already know how the business works and who can help me to be successful in anything I choose to do. My new business is in a field that is totally new to me. It seemed scary at first and somewhat beyond my reach, but I am confident that I can stay with it long enough to succeed. In my opinion, my two most important assets are my belief in what I am doing, and my guides – my gurus.
Last time I talked about a success coach who has been of incalculable assistance to me, in both focusing me on the tasks that will help me achieve MLM success and following up with me to see that I am doing them. His name is Drew Berman (www.drewberman.com). He is teaching me the nuts and bolts of the network marketing industry. He has also introduced me to another man who is helping to build the character within me that I need to be successful in any business; to be successful in whatever I choose to do in life. He is a life-coach named David Wood.

I first met David on a phone call that Drew put together. When you catch a name on a phone call and have a brief conversation with someone, you can get a sense of what kind of person is on the other end of the line, but you can’t really understand just who you are talking to until you meet them face to face, or see them in action. A few days after my phone conversation with David I traveled to Phoenix, AZ for a three day training offered to me by my new company. This was an offer that I found to be crucial for me to accept if I am going to build a business and not just create a new hobby, so I jumped on it with 6 days notice. The host of the weekend was David Wood. It was there that I was able to see David in action and then to finally meet him in person.
David has a very compelling story which you can find at http://DavidTraining.com. Here is a man who was not expected to amount to anything, in view of his actions as a kid. He didn’t accept the ‘advice’ and criticism that he received at the ripe age of 15. Instead, he went out into the world on his own to discover his calling in life. What he learned is that he has a gift for engaging people, connecting with them, and coaching them to reach levels in their lives that they never thought were possible to attain. I have seen him in action and he is incredibly likable and engaging. He is funny and sincere – very believable. These are the traits that make him immediately successful in touching me underneath the veneer. He gained my trust and affection before I had even met him. I listened to his stories and took copious notes when he spoke about self-awareness and self-improvement. He is animated and inspirational. After only minutes I was pliable and coach-able and ready to learn, and that is what I have been doing ever since.
During one of our breaks I was able to meet David, who gave me a bear hug and fully accepted me into his circle of life, making me feel welcome and OK to be me. He is someone that I can believe in and that I know will help me to blossom and grow into the best human being that I can be. Look him up to have your own experience.
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From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • Louis Di Bianco February 17, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Great blog post. This information is necessary. So many people reject the idea of having a coach. They think it is beneath them and maybe expensive. A coach is a powerful investment. The right coach will trigger an explosion in your income. Who would say no to a 50 to 65 percent ROI? I wouldn't. I've learned so much from Drew Berman & David Wood. That knowledge is responsible for my financial freedom. So, if anyone is resisting a good coach, stop listening to the drunk monkey in your head. Take a plunge that will definitely improve your finances and your life.

  • Deancorbitt7 September 18, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Congratulations David on reaching 5 STAR so fast in Numis Network!